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T & T King Services provide non-destructive digging, trenching, ploughing, digging and a variety of general excavation services for Tier 1 companies, carriers and contractors across the eastern Australian states.  

We maintain and supply a diverse fleet. Our fleet includes vacuum trucks, horizontal directional drills, excavators, skid steers, capstan winch and many attachments. All machines are operated by highly skilled and experienced machine operators.


Non-destructive Digging

Our non-destructive digging services, which include vacuum excavation, vacuum truck hire and high-pressure jetting allow us to excavate earth without potentially causing damage to any underground utilities located nearby.

Striking an underground utility can cause major disruption to the local utility networks and can result in millions of dollars of losses, loss of services and even fatalities or serious injuries.

That is why our vacuum excavation services and vacuum truck hire services, which pose little risk of damaging underground utilities, are key when excavating around underground utilities.

We also supply high pressure jetting solutions to assist in clearing out blockages in pipes or breaking down materials to be sucked out by a vacuum truck. Just like vacuum excavation, high pressure jetting has little environmental impact and prevents damage to utilities.

Vacuum excavation truck

Trenching and Drilling

While non-destructive digging solutions are effective, they are limited when you are dealing with larger excavation works or need to remove hard rock. That is why T & T King Services invest in a variety of trenching and drilling services. 

From horizontal directional drilling to open trenching excavation and rock excavation, our excavation, trenching and drilling solutions can cover all types of underground telecommunications and utility installation projects.

We provide a range of plant for hire to perform our trenching and drilling services, including horizontal directional drills, rock saws, trenching machines, ploughing and a range of various attachments.

All plant are internally maintained and are operated by exceptionally skilled and experienced machine operators.

Our trenching and drilling machines and attachments include:

Horizontal Directional Drill

Mini Skid Steer Loader

Rock Saw and Plough Attachments

Excavator Hire

We will use our wide range of excavators to meet your project specifications, so you do not have to look elsewhere. 

As part of our excavation services, we offer excavators available for wet and dry hire with a range of attachments available. 

Our primary excavator on offer is our two tonne CAT 302 mini excavator, which delivers high excavating power and performance in a compact size.

Easily maintained with low-cost parts and optimised for productivity, our excavators for hire enable us to abide by our values of quality, safety, and value. 

We ensure all our excavator operators are comprehensively trained and consistently upskilled to provide professional and effective excavation services for your project.

CAT 302 2T Mini Excavator

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Our comprehensive excavation services are available for utility installation and telecommunications installation projects located across Australia’s eastern states, including NSW, Queensland, Victoria, and the ACT.

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