NDD, HDD, Cable Splicing, and Excavation Equipment

Plant and Equipment Built for Safety

T & T King Services provides a fleet of well-built and well-maintained plant and equipment on all our projects. Each of our vehicles, machines, and tools were purchased brand new, are fully compliant with applicable safety regulations, are registered as required, and are regularly serviced and maintained. 

We engage independant plant assessors when first aquiring new plant to ensure that Australian Standard requirements and Australian industry standards are met.

Wet hire or dry hire our plant and equipment across Australia’s East Coast, or contract us to work on your next project with them.

Non-Destructive Digging Equipment

Our Mercedes Actros Vacuum Truck

Our Mercedes Actros Beaver Tail

Horizontal Directional Drilling Equipment

Our Vermeer Horizontal Directional Drill

  • 50.9m/min carriage speed​
  • 5.3km/h tracking speed
  • 4.9t operating weight

Our Vermeer Mixer Unit

  • 2500L water tank
  • Vermeer MX125 Mixer Unit
  • Best for small-medium HDD projects

Excavation Equipment

Caterpillar Mini Excavator

  • Comes with multiple attachments​
  • Retractable undercarriage
  • Dig-to-blade features

Vermeer Mini Skid Steer

  • Comes with multiple attachments​
  • Vertical lift arms
  • Best for tight access excavation

Toro Mini Skid Steer

  • Comes with multiple attachments
  • Vertical lift arms
  • High drive track system

Featured Extras

Capstan Cable Winch

  • Aerial Bundled Cable haulage capability
  • 2kn/5kn cable hauling capability
  • Telstra certified
  • Best for small cable pulls and large cable hauling projects

Plough attachment

  • Comes with multiple blade lengths​
  • Installation of cable (direct buried) and marker tape in one action

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Hire earthmoving machine or optical fibre termination equipment for your next project from T & T King Services.

Cable Splicing Equipment

Fitel S179A-2 Fusion Splicer

Fitel S123M12 Ribbon Fusion Splicer

Viavi MTS-4000 OTDR

Optic Fibre Termination and Commissioning Equipment

  • Kingfisher light source and power meter
  • Viavi traffic identifier
  • Viavi thermal stripper
  • High precision cleavers
  • Launch leads
  • Viavi microscope kit

Our Locations

We provide plant and equipment for excavation and telecommunication projects across Australia’s East Coast. We can deliver machines from our headquarters on the outskirts of Sydney to your project. Our service area includes New South Wales, Queensland, the ACT, and Victoria.

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Contract us on your next project or hire plant and equipment across Australia’s East Coast by contacting us today. Call us on (02) 3813 8149 or fill out our online form below to receive an obligation-free quote.

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Get a free quote by filling out the online form below or speak with a member of our team now by calling (02) 3813 8149.

Plant Hire

Get a free quote by filling out the online form below or speak with a member of our team now by calling (02) 3813 8149.

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  • Cable winch
  • Compact track loader
  • Excavator
  • Horizontal directional drill
  • Mini skid steer
  • Vacuum truck
  • Water tank
  • Plough attachment